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The new facility cost US$ 22.8 million (30.3 million CAD) to build, of which $US 17 million (23 million CAD) was funded by the Government of Canada.Aga Khan Foundation Canada contributed US$ 3.2 million (4.3 million CAD) to the construction, and the Government of France donated US$ 2.3 million (3 million CAD).But the routes that wind through the province are safe and a very different scene from the congested streets of Kabul -- which is just over 100 miles to the southeast -- where women cyclists are more likely to face resistance for riding.

Perhaps of equal if not more importance than the goals Mohammadi and her teammates have set out to accomplish together on their bikes is the general freedom of mobility they have unlocked, on their own, through cycling.Mohammadi is also part of the Bamiyan ski club and was the first Afghan woman to paraglide, both in Bamiyan and in Kabul.The team rides with confidence down the main bazaar of Bamiyan during an evening practice.They are registered with a sports federation in Kabul.They have won the support of their community, even the men. The collective goal, of course, is to eventually participate in international competitions.

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Now the hollowed cliffs are the backdrop for a group bringing about a very different kind of change: a women's cycling team.

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