Boyfriend controlling dating girl teen

-- TEEN IN EDMONTON, CANADA DEAR TEEN: Your friends are right.

This romance doesn't appear to be headed anywhere healthy.

If your boyfriend yells at you, tells you you’re “stupid or worthless,” or if he calls you names, he has begun to control what you think about yourself.

Once he is able to do this, he starts controlling what you can do.

I also don't think he is understanding my comfort zone about the topic of us having sex. They say I'm in an unhealthy relationship because he might pressure me into something I don't want to do.

Assess how you feel about yourself now compared to how you felt about yourself before you met your boyfriend.

If you used to feel self-confident and independent, but now you feel worthless and as if you can’t do anything for yourself, your boyfriend has destroyed who you are, writes Help Guide.

Naked pictures are considered pornographic and could get you and that young man in serious trouble.

Surely you are aware that once something gets on the internet, it's in the public domain forever.

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