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The ceilings are high and the opulence overwhelming in all its hallways and each of its 30 gigantic rooms.

There was a During World War I the Yehudayoffs were banished from the Land and the Turkish army headquarters were located in the building.

This was intentional s poverty touched the hearts of members of the South African community and they wanted to improve the district.

Not understanding the needs of the place, they thought to build a swimming pool.

Homeowners were given the opportunity to design their home as they wished, provided that construction was in stone.

We do not have any festive occasion without a mention of Jerusalem. There is no doubt that I am required to thank G-d for all the good He has done for me. He has kept me alive, and has brought me to the place of my desire for good life and peace to see the pleasantness of G-d and to visit His sanctuary.The neighbourhood objected, though, so the South Africans opened two factories in the area to provide a livelihood for many of its residents and to alleviate some of the financial hardship. They provided a cheap dental clinic, which they opened in Beit other articles of handmade embroidery.It was given the name Kuzari, after the Khazars, a group of nomadic Turks who in the 7th-10th centuries converted to Judaism. Most of the staff at the workshop were elderly women, whose nimble fingers belied their age.In 1905, the tuition expenses of 95 children from poor homes, from other communities, were covered by the Bukharian community.They also took care of other needy people: building houses and shops for rent along took 13 years to erect.

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On his deathbed, in his oral will, Rav Moussaieff stipulated that only those of his sons who lived in the Eretz Yisrael would receive his inheritance.

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