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Okay :) Q: SAAAAAAAAAB why can’t I find your wedding video online anymore?

Gandang natural :) A: I have it threaded every other month, sometimes umaabot ng 3 months na walang threading hehe Q: Have you ever had Milia?

What do you think of Gilmore Girls and Lorelai and Rory and etc? It’s so funny and charming but I thought it also tackled abandonment issues and how important of a role each parent plays in a child’s development and self-esteem.

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(You know, Kíta Kita fan hehe) please say Hi to Candy pala!

omg sorry if I sound demanding or smth I love you and Jim!!

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I Also Wanted To Know You More , Your Good At Acting And Some Says That Your Also A Dancer .. I Want To See You At Personal But That Might Be Impossible .. :-) i love anime but i mean wen i saw this one i loved it favorite reality was so funny that my dad kept on saying shut up, my favorite is naoki but i love my favorite joke qwas wen yuki said: ( i love that omelet that u made ,complete with eggshells) i literally cryed I was in shocked after I watched Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo. But still I couldn't realise he was playing there untill I rewatched it in full. I do not know for sure, wether voicing animation, or a kind, is rather honourable in Japan, but I could only wish he once decide on a thing like that. The first thing from him that makes me interested is his English. Many of us aren't really satisfied on the ending at all to be honest.. Keep Calm and LOVE Furukawa Yuki I will always support you moshi moshi yuki, youre my favorite actor in the whole world because youre so handsome,kind hearted,sweet and all the other characters i like in guys! With your Baby face, i thought it's impossible If you're already 27:) Your acting ability is very good, and i'm proud to Be one of you fans: D I hope you'll always healthy, don't take too much risk with your job, If your body teks you to get rest; do it! I hope one day we can meet each other;) Ah, I wish all the best for you and your career I can't wait for your next drama/Movies with your Awesome acting がんばって!!!!! I am over seas and when I ran into this drama I was hooked better than most shows played here in the US Hi Yuki! I really don't know if you can read your fan's messages here, but we want you to know that we are always willing to support and love you. Hi Yukiiii Furukawa I'm your fan from indonesiaaaa When i saw you in itazura na kiss i thought you're 20 years but... I'm bad in English , you making effort to understand Which type it قامباتي يوكي كن *Arabic Language* $: I'm on the other side of the planet I hope to see you someday ♡(': What do you think to visit Saudi Arabia someday ? That includes me of course :) And i am hoping to get the chance to have a picture with you both when that happens. I wish I would be as cool as you are and intelligent too! We will be glad to see you here and you'll surely receive a warm welcome from us! I hope that you will see my coment and I want to the visit here south korea...

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