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After a transatlantic telegraph cable was laid in 1866, messages between Europe and North America took only hours to arrive rather than weeks.The electric telegraph also enabled Greenwich time to be distributed right across Britain, and within a few years local time, based on the times of sunrise and sunset, had been replaced by standard (Greenwich) time.This tends to protect the use of these marks, and in general restricts them to use on pieces made in the UK.This protects both collectors and the companies who registered the marks.The technique uses a powerful magnet to align water molecules in the body, producing detailed 3D images without the use of damaging radiation.Sir Peter shared the 2003 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with the American chemist and inventor of the technique Paul Lauterbur.

2017 is a special year for the UK as it marks the 400th anniversary of the grant of British patent number one.The instrument was known simply therefore as the ‘Five Needle Telegraph’ and marks the origin of one of the UK’s largest communications companies today: BT.This was a significant invention and from the 1840s onwards the electric telegraph transformed world communications.An item with a registry mark or number could have been produced before (less likely as the design would not be protected), or after the date of the registry mark.The number listed for each year in the table is the first number issued that year. If your number is higher, but less than the number for the next year, then your item had it's design registered during that year.

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The Public Record office and the British Government tend to enforce these marks and registration numbers.

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