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Eventually, this trend could create a new marriage economy, encouraging lower-class parents to select for daughters to marry into wealthy families.Others forecast social unrest caused by the sexual frustration of a growing group of wifeless men.

Going back to the independent divorcee, being that she belongs to the "older" generation of Chinese women, she would still possess the deep-rooted traits and values that would make her an ideal life partner.

She chose to end a marriage that was not working and would only continue to fail, a relationship/situation that was unrewarding and unfavorable; this indicates that she is a well-adjusted person, both mentally and emotionally.

If the divorcee is financially independent and, perhaps, even owns a house (as a result of her divorce settlement or otherwise), you can also be assured that she won't like you mostly because you can provide her with financial support.

They report on the men in poor villages who can’t keep up in this competitive marriage market and whose prospects for finding a wife grow increasingly dim with each passing year.

They investigate the gender imbalance’s impact on women – from bachelorettes who benefit from a glut of suitors to women who are sold by their families, or trafficked from poorer regions, to marry the leftover single men.

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With an even starker gender imbalance looming for the next generation, the gender disparity, and its consequences, will only swell.

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