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Likewise, what is to stop this new dating technique from repeating the history of past radiodating methods? When more results are published, there will be enough "ages" to compare.

In the study using the new dating technique, many of the individual tests—which were shown as scores of scattered points on an "age" graph—showed the dinosaur bone as clocking in much younger than had been anticipated.

In protected areas, allochtonous sandy parent materials from tsunami deposits may be found.

Common soil types found on marine terraces include planosols and solonetz.

pointed out one of the big problems with this dating approach by saying that the past "methods are far from perfect: it is difficult to gain accurate depositional ages for sedimentary rocks, and matters can be further complicated when millions of years of geologic and environmental forces cause erosion of fossil-bearing strata." They highlighted its "success" by contrasting it with the lack of success of prior dating techniques.

It is rare that a weakness in the "millions of years" dating of earth materials is ever mentioned in standard earth science publications.

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