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They're playing you for free, and you want to stop it?' From that point, I was like, ' I'm gonna have to look at this a little bit differently.""We weren't pessimistic," says Smith later, between fielding calls from his mom as he drives to the Orleans in his new Nissan 35oz two-seater sports car.Their lyrics cite Chuck Palahniuk novels; their song titles cop lines from the movie Moreover, Panic are among a new breed of punk acts that includes My Chemical Romance and AFI, all of whom aim to bring the spectacle back to rock & roll by focusing as much attention on outfits, makeup and theatrical stagings as on the songs themselves.Most of their fans — too young for the heyday of grunge (or even the teen pop that followed it) — have never seen a rock show.At Pick Up 101 he became the lead coach before deciding to jump ship and start his own more focused coaching business.Eric had become aware through his coaching experience that most guys had the hardest time overcoming 'approaching women' because of 'approach anxiety'.

Eric Disco worked at several dating coaching companies before setting out on his own with a popular blog on "Approach Anxiety" since 2007.

I remember asking our manager, ' How can they play our song if we don't want them to?

' He said, ' Labels usually pay radio stations to play bands.

Later tonight, Ross, 20, will face the crowd dressed as a gothed-out Oliver Twist, black liner fanning from his right eye like a tangle of tree branches and a newsboy cap covering his thick brunet quiff.

But it won't be Ross' first time onstage at the Orleans: Two and a half years ago, he was here in a gown and mortarboard for his high school graduation.

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Panic want to make their first concert nothing less than mind-blowing.

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