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The beauty part of his career is that it spanned just about every pastime including the unforgettable New York Giants-Baltimore Colts sudden-death overtime NFL championship game.Not surprisingly in 2012, the Guinness World Records headlined Wolff for having the longest career of any sportscaster.What Nat Learned This Week: Instead of continuing to try to understand something, accept what you know at that point instead of rejecting it in search of something else. If you enjoy the show, please subscribe on Soundcloud or on i Tunes.If you’re new to podcasts, find out more about what they are and how to subscribe with this handy guide.The assumption was that Bob Wolff would go on forever.That was reasonable enough since at the age of 95 — last February — he still was contributing essays for News 12 Long Island; a mere 78 years after he broke in behind a microphone.For more information on Laurel, visit her website or follow her on social media @Dating Laurel.

A show spokeswoman said: “On entry to the resort, all the couples’ relationships will be put ‘on a break’, with everyone dating each other as they swap partners every 48 hours.Some confusion about energy and electricity leads to David Huntsberger’s lightbulb revelation.Plus everyone’s dating styles, a possibly insulting metaphor involving dogs and coyotes, Renee Colvert’s screen grab embarrassment, talk of hair shafts, Daniel’s blueberry enthusiasm, the Quantz Method, the bugs in Alison’s dryer, messages from Jenna and #AL and so much more.Leave a comment or post on Facebook, and please subscribe.If you know someone who would enjoy it, please help spread the word. Listener questions can be emailed to podcast AT baggagereclaim DOT com.

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  1. The company will launch on Wednesday a search engine that only indexes dating Web sites, giving users links to personal profiles found at i Inc., Love Inc., Tickle Inc., and Lycos' own