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The eye contact can feel like way too much stimulation and may even cause a meltdown. A teacher can watch the student using the video function of the video chat program, while the student can keep the video function switched off.

This way the teacher can see in real time how the student is progressing without the student having to make eye contact with the teacher.

Video chat makes it possible for a teacher to offer a more intimate classroom experience for many students at once.

A violin teacher, for instance, can show students how to hold the bow and the violin close up, even though there are many students attending the class.

Parents may opt to keep their children out of the classroom.

But there's no reason they can't be part of the classroom from their homes with video chat.

It may seem counterintuitive not to use the video function of a video chat, which is meant to be one of the benefits of the medium.

And it's so important for these students to continue to feel a part of the classroom! Imagine a classroom with students from Edinburgh, New York City, and Amsterdam.That means students can learn from and about other cultures and perspectives. In one to one learning sessions, the student needn't be distracted by the girl to the left chewing on her hair, or the kid behind him, kicking his chair. You've finished your lesson and you're going over your notes or doing your homework when you realize you're missing a piece of information or there's something you don't quite understand.Video chat makes it easy and quick to get in touch with the teacher to ask your questions.Here are 10 concepts that came out of this ongoing brainstorming session: Teens can feel uncomfortable when speaking with adults.It helps if you take the spotlight off them by not making eye contact.

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