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This thing is perfect for single guys, and if you are like me and already have a chick then it’s a great thing to have around the house to play with her.I’ve heard stories about couple I know playing and then boning it out like crazy!This Enhancement Pack is basically a list of tips, tricks and techniques that Eric and his crew developed as they have been using the deck and finding out how to get the best results with it.This is actually really helpful because it gives you instructions on what to do in all kinds of situations that can arise where you see a woman that you are interested in but could be unsure how to get her snugged up playing this game with you…Realistically though, its only a deck of cards so it’s not like its bulky or anything! Okay, these questions have been shown in a research study to make women want to date/sleep with the guy who asked them to/was asked them by.So I think that alone makes this something worth trying out.

This is an actual physical deck of cards that you can have shipped to your house.

That being said, it is shipped in a plain package so if you live with people you don’t have to worry about them knowing you got something to help you get women.

In addition to the cards you get complete instructions on how to use them and a few other really cool bonuses, the first of these being The Deck of Destiny “Enhancement Pack”.

I’ve never been one for using “props” or routines or that kind of thing to meet women, but as it turns out this is much more than that, and it is actually something that you can use with a girlfriend or a woman that you are already dating to spice things up and get her feeling a deeper romantic connection, which is always good.

Anyhow, I wanted to write up a short review of the product and give you some info on how it works and my opinion on it.

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This is great particularly for shy guys who may nervous about how to actually get the ball rolling.

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