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If anything, I hope this realistic “modern” Lara approach breathes new life into the franchise and a character that I see as lacking in the respect that she deserves to be shown.

RGA: If I could re release any old game it would have to be Superman 64, so that a new generation of gamers can go through that god awful bag of shit of a game like I had to do. JC: I am VERY into horror genre games but haven’t really found one I’ve liked since Silent Hill 2.

In others, it involved carefully picking which parts of the source videos to copy.

“Parodying all six videos, with many setups from each video, would have been cost-prohibitive,” Bowser says.

And, I wasn’t even reviewing the game in the first place. He's also a huge fan of film, television, comic books, and literature.

RGA: My first video game experience was getting a ZX Spectrum for Christmas and playing Super Gran.

I think ‘game journalist’ is used very loosely in this business,” she said, “Bio Ware never asked me for any favors in regards to any kind of additional or good reviews.

I’ve never gotten contacted by them at all for any of the stuff. Chobot is currently working as writer on David has been a gamer since childhood and enjoys games that are able to deliver fun and intricate gameplay alongside compelling and emotional narratives. in English Language Arts from CUNY John Jay College.

RGA: It must be difficult to be taken as a serious gamer with your good looks. If you do all that and it’s still not working out for you, then it’s best to think outside the box and come up with your own thing. She doesn’t actually say it, but I can tell by the way my controllers keep going missing. To note, getting a new wife isn’t an option, I couldn’t afford it! Is this gonna mean you will be hanging up the joypads for a while? This just means I have to find the perfect position to strap that child to my chest so that I can breastfeed while still having both hands on the controller.In your opinion what is the worst video game character you’ve come across?JC: I absolutely HATE HATE HATE the main characters (Rash, Zitz and Pimple) in Battletoads. RGA: I think the reason Tomb Raider was such a big hit on the Playstation was because it was played by teenage boys and they loved looking at her massive tits.It was a shit game, but at the time I thought it was amazing!I was controlling something on the fucking TV and it was awesome. JC: My first experience was playing games like River Raid on our Atari 2600. Our time was rather limited too, since we were always being told to “go outside and play.” Little did my parents know that all that gaming would pay off for me in the long run! Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if we were to find that old Atari up in the attic either. He is risking his life time and time again and gets nothing in return.

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Do you think dropping Lara’s bra sizes will affect sales of the new Tomb Raider game? While I’m not even going to try and deny that there was a certain level of chauvinistic drooling over Lara’s chest back in the day, I think that guys (and gals) really played it for the fantastic game play experience.

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