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That spear on the helmet is classic Florida State, representing the history and future of the Seminoles program—with the design going unchanged for what seems like forever.

The color scheme of garnet and gold is about as easy on the eyes as any uniform on this list, with anyone old enough to remember the dominant teams of the ’90s knowing that when the Noles came marching onto the field, there was hell that would be paid.

Yeah, that’s basically the state symbol for being a badass in Texas, with nearly every kid on the burnt grass fields hoping that, one day, they can wear the helmet on Saturday afternoons.

There’s a reason why Penn State is often referred to as “Linebacker U.” Here’s a hint: It’s because they’ve fielded some of the best ‘backers in college football history.

Crew catalog for football uniforms, these would be the hottest item in the entire shop, as the colors just make them some of the sharpest around.

A timeless look that will forever be in style, the Huskers are hoping that they can return the football program back to the days when Tommy Frazier was busy winning national titles in these classic unis.

Unlike other schools on this list, the Tigers made the decision to never stray from their gold pants each week, no matter if at home or on the road—which only plays to the great tradition of the unis.

And as amazing as the jersey and pants are, that helmet is about as old school as you get, with detail in the tiger and script that just don’t appear in sports anymore.

Much like OU’s uniforms, Texas keeps a sharp, clean look with both their all-whites or orange tops, bringing back memories of former Heisman winner Ricky Williams steamrolling through defenders on his way to a then NCAA all-time rushing yards record.

Oh, and did I not mention that Longhorn on the side of the helmet yet?

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