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Keywords used all accross Momocs are introduced here in bold. No 3D yet but different families can be handled: outlines, here in a first-quarter moon ; open outlines, here is the sterile valve of an olive stone; configuration of landmarks; here, hologous points from a mosquito wing.

Morphometrics is the ugly job of turning beautiful shapes into quantitative variables. They are all single shapes defined by a matrix of object: visualize it, apply morphometric operations, handle the data it contains, but in the end, a __ morphometric method__ will turn coordinates into coefficients.

The boom was made possible by a government funding program.

The Robert Bosch Foundation – a private charity focused on supporting natural and social sciences and international ties – was in Tehran this month to meet with potential partners and scout deals for Germany.First stop was the Sharif University of Technology, where the foundation met with 10 professors. A sign above one entrance featured cartoon cavemen with the slogan, “Don’t reinvent the wheel!” Yet, for a long time, Iranian scientists could do little else because international sanctions made high tech imports so difficult.Such morphometric operation on coordinates produce a collection of coefficients: a are generic in that they do not depend of the nature of the shape.For instance, centering a configuration of landmarks or an outline, or calculating their centroid size is, mathematically, the same generic operation.

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