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Outgoing local call rates have also been reduced by 20% and STD call rates by 23%.

Local SMS will now cost 25 paise and STD SMS 38 paise, on roaming nationally.

“There was a child being forced to eat something he didn’t want to, and then when he had a mouthful, being put in a dark room to make him swallow it,” she said.

“Another child was in the shower, shivering, crying, very hysterically crying.

Vodafone users will have to pay 25 paise on roaming for a local text message as compared to Re 1; and for STD texts, 38 paise from Rs 1.50 earlier in accordance with the new Trai guidelines, Vodafone India said in a statement.

- Parents of special needs students in Clover School District are calling for cameras in special education classrooms, after they say they’ve lost all trust in district leadership.But according to the TA’s lawsuit, Larne Elementary School’s principal met with her about allegedly not being able to do her job properly.The documents also state the TA was accused of being vindictive by school leadership, and that was the reason for her termination.But the Brittains and Garhart felt those allegations were swept under the rug.“When the allegations came out two years ago, in the back of my mind I didn’t think they were handled appropriately,” Garhart said.“I was still nervous that things had happened to my son and other children in the school program.”The Brittains and Garhart said district leadership met with them to explain that allegations of abuse had been made, but that they were from a “disgruntled former employee,” and that nothing was corroborated.

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