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In World War II, the lights were turned off "for the duration" to simplify blackout planning.Physical Demands: Duties involve rigorous fieldwork requiring above average physical performance, endurance and superior conditioning.Shoshone Indians called the falls "hurling waters leaping." The river plunges 212 feet over vertical rock ledges in a thundering roar--a longer fall, indeed, than that of Niagara. He began excavating in 1901, making progress intermittently depending on his supply of funds. In August 1907, the town of Twin Falls celebrated its sudden abundance of power from the finished 500-kilowatt plant by keeping their electric lights on long past midnight.Soon the Twin Falls city council created a park on the south bank of the river at the best place for viewing the grand scene.Work requires prolonged standing, walking over uneven ground, and recurring bending, reaching, lifting and carrying of items weighing over 50 pounds and shared lifting and carrying of heavier items, and similar strenuous activities requiring at least average agility and dexterity. You must also pass the work capacity test for arduous positions.Work Environment: The work is primarily performed in forest and range environments in steep terrain where surfaces may be extremely uneven, rocky, covered with vegetation, and in smoky conditions, etc.

Substitution of Education for the Specialized Experience Requirement: GS-05: Successful completion of a full 4-year course of study leading to a bachelor's degree (a) with major study in forestry, range management, agriculture, or a subject-matter field directly related to the position, or (b) that included at least 24 semester hours in any combination of courses such as those shown above.The town celebrated Flag Day there, the Grand Army of the Republic had reunions there.In 1928, the town and Idaho Power erected a bank of flood lamps using 25 million candlepower to light the falls at night.Thoughts of making Shoshone Falls a national park died away, and the phrase "Niagara of the West," which had drawn Oregon Trail travelers to detour slightly for a look at the falls, is no longer much heard.Nevertheless, the cataract displays its magnificence during certain high-water years when the "mad" Snake River runs as high and wild as ever. Shoshone Falls produces hydroelectric power for Idaho Power Company. Perrine, an extraordinary pioneer of Idaho, imagined the possibility of diverting part of the river through a vertical tunnel carved in the solid rock. Machinery and supplies came via horse- drawn wagons from the station across the desert, down a canyon road to a lava rock ledge, and finally to the construction site.

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