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I have a waiting list of friends who I should look after, so you have to be careful what you invite.” Bonham Carter was a 17-year old schoolgirl in 1983, when the show is set. “I had a lot of nostalgia for the Eighties and I was lucky because I had a happy childhood, but I think I would have loved the fact that we could just sit and not answer the phone,” she admits.As she reminisces over the music she listened to (Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour, but also Supertramp and Talking Heads) she admits to a fondness for the period, but says she was never a letter-writer like Nina. represented a golden opportunity to film close to home and maintain a normal life, even if, thanks again to Alan Bennett, it didn’t quite work out that way.“Somebody I met 18 months ago said, ‘you should play Mary-Kay! “Really, I had never heard of her because I hadn’t read the book.Well, when I got to know Mary-Kay and read up on it there is a lot that we share.

Stibbe, a 20 year old newly arrived in London from Leicester, hadn’t heard of any of them, and, while the book is littered with lightly-dropped names, you won’t hear many of them in the TV version because, as with Wilmers, identities have been changed.Then I asked Mary and Sam the other day, ‘was she barefoot? “Well, of course they’re not your children so you forget to look at them sometimes.But then again you forget to look at your own children,” she admits.I got the first, but I didn’t really get the second!” Wilmers needn’t have worried though, because, in addition to being portrayed by the twice-Oscar- nominated Bonham Carter, the story has been adapted by Nick Hornby, making his first foray into TV after his own Oscar nomination for the screenplay.

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“The things is, with film, you’re always asked to look at people because of eye lines and everything, but the fact is with a family and me, a lot of the time you’re never looking at the person.

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