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Example response: The package Price object provides pricing information relevant to downloading a particular package of a track or release.In some cases, the value is not specified and the formatted price shows "xsi:nil="true"".For release cover art images the following sizes are supported:33, 50, 100, 180, 182, 200, 350, 500* and 800* pixels The size of images returned by any API response can be adjusted by adding image Size parameter to the request Most of the API responses will be comprised of standard objects, which are described below.Not all possible fields are returned in each endpoint's response.API keys with access to our free endpoints are issued upon request. Throughout the documentation, endpoints that require OAuth signatures, access tokens and premium subscriptions are marked with various icons, as described below.Should your API request fail authentication, a response with HTTP Status Code 401 will be returned, along with plain text message describing the reason for the authentication failure.

The limit currently applies to the number of API requests made using a single API key per day (i.e. To find out what usage limits are in place for the free Public API please visit developer.7Please contact our commercial team to enquire about this option.All API methods that return a list of items in the response accept the following paging parameters: The value of total Items is the maximum number of results.Access to 7digital services is provided through a REST style interface.The production API is located at the following address: typical API request will look as follows:

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