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It can be helpful, though, because it certainly gives you some rapid insight into what the other person is all about.Often you wait months (or years) before you really know the important things about the other person.On the whole I have found many people to be very understanding of such issues, once they understand them. I would definitely wait to tell the person I'm dating that I have a mental illness.Your date might be understanding, but it doesn't mean he or she will want to date you again.I have done that with my girlfriend and it made it much easier to be accepted.Now everyone has different diagnosis but telling someone you have depression or anxiety or bipolar shouldn't be shameful.Every person has something and 1 out of 4 people have a mental illness so find people that are except you for you!! I'm already more intense than most people can ever imagine, and the strange thing is that I attracted other intense people and I could not handle it.

Grapevine has it that Ranbir is now dating a Mumbai girl and that he has introduced her to some of his close friends already when he was promoting his film Jagga Jasoos.Overzealous Bollywood PRs are always trying hard to keep the films they promote or the actors they handle in the news.But times have changed and people watch movies only for the content as our Salman Khan would have also realised.And, we're human too, despite the cards we were handed. I think that any sort of medical diagnosis adds another layer of complexity to a new relationship.It's one more thing to be considered when both sides are in that critical evaluation stage.

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