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A gospel church must be driven by the gospel message, for the Bible reminds us in Romans , that we are not to be ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation.

Mark Dever has succinctly summarized four aspects of the gospel in his book, The Deliberate Church.

An expositional preacher brings forth a message from a particular text of Scripture, tells the congregation what that text originally meant and how it applies to life today.

In other words, expositional preaching exposes and applies the Word of God to the people of God.

The Bible is the source of the Christian’s authority (2 Timothy ); therefore, the Bible is the source of the church’s authority.

You should look for a church that is Bible saturated.

Consider the fact that we were created for relationship (Genesis -25); we were never meant to live in isolation.

Our devotion to Christ inevitably leads to a devotion to others in Christian love.

In other words, it will not hold all doctrines at the same level.

For example, a church should fight for and defend the doctrine of the deity of Christ, but it should be gracious and generous when it comes to an individual’s views concerning the timing of the return of Christ (i.e. For this reason, at High Pointe we distinguish between Core Beliefs (the essential doctrines of the Christian faith), Characteristic Beliefs (the doctrines that characterize our fellowship – i.e., believer’s baptism by immersion), and Charity Beliefs (those beliefs with which Christians within our fellowship are free to differ).

A church’s leadership should be characterized by personal holiness, family leadership, sound doctrine, and love for those whom they lead, just to name a few characteristics.

Church leaders are not required to be perfect, but they are required to be humble men who are growing in the grace, knowledge and love of Christ.

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