Symantec xdb not updating server

Windows Live Update is called by the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager and is responsible for downloading new content from a Live Update server.How to determine the server that Live Update is attempting to connect to: Progress Update: DOWNLOAD_FILE_START: URL: " Estimated Size: 0, Destination Folder: "C:\Program Data\Symantec\Live Update\Downloads" Progress Update: DOWNLOAD_FILE_FINISH: - NOTE - URL: " Full Download Path: "C:\Program Data\Symantec\Live Update\Downloads\" HR: 0x802A0045 EVENT - SERVER SELECTION FAILED EVENT - Live Update failed to connect to server .50 at path via a HTTP connection.See Using Intelligent Updater files to update content on Symantec Endpoint Protection clients.Use certified virus definitions, Network-Based Protection, or Behavior-Based Protection files to update content on the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager when it cannot access either the Internet or a Live Update Administrator (LUA) server.Answer: Virus Definitions & Security Updates ( Where can you drop a JDB onto Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager?Answer: Default Location: Question: How quickly will the SEPM begin processing the JDB file?See Choose a distribution method to update content on clients based on the platform.If the management server receives too many concurrent requests for full definition packages from the clients, the network may become overloaded.

See Randomizing content downloads from a Live Update server.You can mitigate the risk of these overloads, and stop clients from downloading full definitions.See Mitigating network overloads for client update requests.This may solve issues seen when Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager is not downloading a specific type of content (notably, AV and IPS content).Question: Where can you get Virus Defs files (VDB/JDB) that you can drop on a Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager's incoming directory?

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You may need to change the delivery method to support different client platforms, large numbers of clients, or network limitations.

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