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Although it did not sell, it caught the attention of an ABC programming executive.

He met with Thomas, and expressed interest in casting her in her own series.

You and Me, which was inspired by her young niece Dionne Gordon. Also in 1972, she served as a California delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Miami Beach, Florida.

She went on to create multiple recordings and television specials of and related to that title: Free to Be... In 1973, Thomas joined Gloria Steinem, Patricia Carbine, and Letty Cottin Pogrebin as the founders of the Ms.

Her father was a Roman Catholic Lebanese American and her mother was Sicilian American. Her parents called her Margo as a child, though she soon became known as Marlo, she told The New York Times, because of her childhood mispronunciation of the nickname. Thomas graduated from the University of Southern California with a teaching degree: "I wanted a piece of paper that said I was qualified to do something in the world," she said.

She also was a member of the sorority Kappa Alpha Theta.

She has a sister, Terre, and her brother, Tony Thomas, is a television and film producer.

Foundation for Women, the first women’s fund in the US.

The organization was created to deliver funding and other resources to organizations that were presenting liberal women’s voices in communities nationwide.

In 1971, Thomas chose to end the series after five years.

Both ABC and the show's sponsor, Clairol, wanted the series finale to be a wedding between the two central characters, but Thomas rebuffed them, saying that she felt it was the wrong message to send to her female audience, because it would give the impression that the only happy ending is marriage. After That Girl, eager to expand her horizons, Thomas attended the Actors Studio, where she studied with Lee Strasberg until his death in 1982, and subsequently with Strasberg's disciple Sandra Seacat.

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