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One of the first times we went out together in public some guy made aggressive eye contact with Parker when he went to grab my hand. Is it worth all this effort to figure out who I am and what I care about?And how do you tell your mom that your boyfriend actually has a female name on Facebook?You hear a politician on the news holding hands with his wife saying “I mean, gay people can do whatever they want, just don’t shove it in my face!” Meanwhile, you’re too afraid to hold your boyfriend’s hand in certain parts of the country.Things you’ve never thought twice about become issues you have to constantly anticipate.Changing your profile picture to a photo of you and him makes you wonder if the older neighbor you’re friends with on Facebook will unfriend you, and you ask yourself if you care.I told myself I’d wait for her to ask, because that would mean she had already thought about all the questions that I hadn’t yet worked out on my own—if I was gay, if biological grandkids were off the table—and I could cop out and just say "yes." And when I finally confessed that Parker was more than a friend, I didn't feel an immediate release.It took months for her to ask the questions she needed to ask and months for me to know the answers.

You feel the fight rising from your stomach but your boyfriend says no, it’s not that big of a deal, it’s happened to him hundreds of times.We also are financially secure and in our twenties, so if something were to happen or we did have homophobic parents, we wouldn’t become homeless, as so many LGBTQ youth do.It’s taken me a long time to understand my own queer identity—even to admit I have one.If I had strictly Christian parents, I would have either never worked up the courage to officially date him or been forced to keep the love of my life secret.Or what if I worked for a company that didn’t have a welcoming environment, where I would feel like my job was jeopardized by bringing my boyfriend to the holiday party?

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You will hear preachers on the street, or even someone in your life, tell you that nothing you ever do, no good you ever contribute nor successes you achieve, will be enough to cancel out the sin of your own existence.

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