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) and so they don’t connect the dots of the larger picture or the situation along a timeline.

The basic model is below, but you may search the web for other models of the canvas that are tailored to fit your specific business type (the model itself and the more tailored models developed from it are all covered by the Creative Commons).

Your “key resources” maybe access to great facilities with cutting-edge equipment at your institution’s CTSA center or a group of patient stakeholders whose support and collaboration drives your project.

The point is, as a professional in business for yourself (or with others) or running a research program, you know what the elements of success are in your industry, you know what makes a competitive, fundable research program/project.

Next, think about what objectives you want to accomplish in the year ahead. It’s also smart to take stock of the current market.

Not only does this include the economy as a whole – employment data, spending projections – but circumstances in your specific industry.

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The question now is: Does your original business plan still make sense?

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