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Besides, many of the examples in the help files are directly misleading and unnecessary complicated. For example, when we wanted to use very high speed communication (up to 921.6 Kbit/s), we only got the answer that it couldn't be done or we needed to write our own drivers! As a service to others with the same problems as we have been through we have chosen to publish a small program, which is able to communicate through the serial port. NET (in the following just VB), because this language is as close as you get to our own suggestion for a simple and efficient programming language (see: Programming). NET there is no longer any performance difference between VB, C and C#. Net 1.1 RTM (Release To Manufactoring) = No serial port support! Net 2.0 RTM = First version with serial port support. A Carriage Return (CR or Enter) is specified as its hexadecimal value 0D and a Line Feed (LF) as 0A.

This is the mode our program is intended for, but it may also be used in polled mode if the transmitter is looped back to the receiver so that the poll is also received, and the transmission uses a protocol, which makes it possible to tell the start of the telegram (distinguish between poll and answer).

Unfortunately Microsoft has never paid much attention to the serial port. When the program is loaded, a list of the available COM ports is generated and put into a Combo Box.

In the Windows API it is just regarded as a file, and in the first version (1.1) of the . Ports - has been added in version 2.0, which has made things much easier although there are still some problems. One of these possibilities must be selected before any communication can take place.

Then your serial port application will be a piece of cake to program. For example, this is all you need to read an ASCII string and append it to the text in the Received textbox. Ports Public Class My First COMProgram Public Delegate Sub String Sub Pointer(By Val Buffer As String) Dim With Events COMPort As New Serial Port Private Sub Receiver(By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As Serial Data Received Event Args) Handles COMPort. Begin Invoke(New String Sub Pointer(Address Of Display), COMPort. Constructions like this are used in the serial port program for example to select the parity and the software flow control.

The difficult part is to understand what you are doing! Read Line) End Sub Private Sub Display(By Val Buffer As String) Received. It is also very useful in case of a Select-Case construction. NET is based on the so-called object oriented programming (OOP).

For example, a machine may be able to drill holes and cut. The size and position of the holes are selected by means of the properties. When you set or read a property, you actually call some hidden methods to do the job. All data types are actually classes with a predefined definition.

For example, a byte is defined as a storage location big enough to hold 8 bits of data.

Some of the more complex data types like arrays and strings have methods.

The program may therefore consist of a single subroutine with a loop, which transmits the poll (unit address), waits for the answer or a timeout, converts any non-text answer to text and then display the text.

Microsoft thinks that the many problems with serial port in . The polled unit does not answer before the poll has been transmitted and a new poll is not initiated before an answer is received or a timeout situation occurs.

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