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After fronting a slot for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the BBC received 4,500 complaints for the network’s “banal” coverage of the event: the most fevered discussion focusing on her item about royal memorabilia, which showcased a sick bag with the Queen’s face on.Despite wishing to draw a line under the incident, she is vociferous in her self-defence, blaming one article in particular for setting off the furore. ” is the first question from her lips as she blusters through the door at her agent’s office in London, where we meet.Next, she seizes on giant baubles stacked in a glass jar, sizing them up, laughingly, as a little bit “chi-chi”, before rounding on me: appraising my spangly jumper as suitably festive. Being at home with kids and husband and putting twinkly lights up: bliss.” Having reached a career zenith on the flagship BBC radio show, stepping down altogether in May in order to focus on motherhood was a bold move.

“If it was Phillip Schofield saying to me, 'I wouldn’t have done it like that,’ I’d say, 'I really respect what you do and I will take that on board.’ But from someone sitting behind a keyboard at home, who has no validation in that career?

I don’t want to know what their opinion is and it doesn’t count to me in the slightest.” It certainly hasn’t held her back - she has an “exciting” new TV project looming next year, which she is under strict instructions not to talk about, yet.

Then there’s the BBC Music Awards to present next week, a cookery book out within months (Cook Happy, Cook Healthy), a new column for Glamour magazine and her seventeenth fashion and seventh homeware range for uk to churn out. Last night Honey was awake every hour so I feel like I have been smashed in the face today. You are having to think about human beings other than yourself.

With such a close family history of substance abuse, I wonder whether the idea that addictive traits can be inherited is ever a cause for concern. It’s so circumstantial with so many factors coming into play. The kids couldn’t want for any more in that respect.

“Jesse hasn’t drunk for three years now and is dedicated to being in the band. If you have happy parents who are wonderfully boring then you are golden.” And they are wonderfully boring, she says. The BBC Music Awards are on Thursday 10 December 2015.

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