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that he has a girlfriend, but didn’t want to give many details about her.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Joseph Gordon-Levitt “I have a girlfriend, but I tend not to really like to talk about it in public. He also added that they met through mutual friends.

Morally bound, Snowden risks a normal life and the chance to perhaps ever see his love (or his family) again in order to tell the public the truth.

As the real Edward Snowden joked by video at a recent Q&A with Stone titled #Snowden Live that we attended, one of the scenes in the movie — an argument between Gordon-Levitt and Woodley — "made me look like the world's worst boyfriend."It's technically a spoiler, but anyone who follows Snowden or Mills on social media knows that she ultimately joined him in Russia a year after the NSA story went viral.

Page, a Nova Scotia native with bird bones and a steady gaze, made her screen debut at age 10 in a Canadian television movie and turned 23 a week after this last Valentine’s Day.

I feel like they would have looked for people that were less unexpected, if that makes sense.

Page and Gordon-Levitt are costars in Christopher Nolan’s “Inception,” the perception-bending heist movie that opens July 16 amid high expectations and strong early reviews.

Leonardo Di Caprio leads an extremely deep cast — there are seven Oscar nominees in the film — but Nolan says that Page and Gordon-Levitt more than held their own.

Woodley represents her as a strong-willed and opinionated liberal, who sticks by Snowden despite his stressful and consuming job with the government.

As the real-life Snowden revealed in the Academy Award-winning documentary Citizenfour, Mills had no idea what he was about to unleash.

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